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Hydrogen peroxide, one of the most common hosuehold items, can be used to make a not so common item, rockets. For some time, it's been a favourite material to use for creating high-performance vernier engines, due to it's availability and low risk factor. But, for it to work, it has to have a concentration of 90%, and it's only commonly sold at drug stores at 3%. And, for it to create a reaction, it has to come in contact with silver (Ag). When the two are combined, water and heat are produced. The oxidizing hydrogen peroxide is corrosive on the cell membranes and inner cellular structures; thus being corrosive to the silver. This acts as a catalyst and and a lets out some force, and the engine takes it from there.
While H2O2's propulsive performance is 20% lesser than hydrazine, it makes up for it with it's high density. It has a great Isp. It has few direct health risks but can be safe in a controlled environment. It can cause skin irritation and whitening, and blindness if in contact with eyes. Spills can easily be dealt with by pouring water on them.